About The Right Juice Movie

His career in tatters after stock market speculation in oil futures, a disgraced young banker starts an orange plantation in the Algarve – but his past catches up with him when he strikes oil.

Who wouldn’t want to see a corrupt banker go bankrupt and have to move to a shack in the country to survive? Who doesn’t dream of living in a place in the sun? This is what The Right Juice is all about. Oliver, our hero, is a banker and a greedy bastard. You meet him in the film after he’s been thrown out of London and has a dream of making millions growing oranges in the Algarve.

Picture a young man attempting to refurbish an old farm cottage which is almost in ruins. His lovely wife from the city arrives expecting a villa with a pool… He is dreaming ambitiously. He wants to start an orange plantation but… how to get water for his trees? Is there a market for oranges? Is he running away from his past, or racing towards his future? Encounters with his neighbours, an old enemy from his banking years, new friendships and personal devils all create havoc in what was to be a peaceful, sunny idyll.

If life gives you oranges…

… make The Right Juice! The first English language feature film fully shot and set in the Algarve region of Southern Portugal – it’s people , it’s beauty, and it’s comedy! The Algarve has been dreaming about a film being made which captures it’s spirit, and we made that happen. We also happened to make the dreams of everyone involved in the project come true – we made a wonderful feature film!

Main Cast

Mark Killen

Role: Oliver Fellows

Mark plays the role of Oliver Fellows, the hero of our story. Mark brought great humour, generosity and professionalism to the character and to the project. He was unflagging in his enthusiasm and motivation for the work.

Lúcia Moniz

Role: Nesta

Lúcia played the part of Nesta, a dolphin trainer and marine biologist who befriends Oliver and helps him on his quest. Working with Lúcia was a joy. Her dedication and continual striving for excellence was inspiring and demanding in equal measures. And her dolphin acrobatic skills are simply phenomenal.

Miguel Damião

Role: Manel

Previously, Miguel has mostly played serious and dramatic characters. However, when he took on the role of Manel in The Right Juice, his comic talents came to the fore. Not only on screen, but on set he made us giggle too.

Ellie Chidzey

Role: Sally Fellows

Beautiful, vibrant and captivating. Ellie made the character of Oliver’s wife, Sally, come alive and made us love her and engage with her. She lights up the screen every scene she is in, just as she lights up a room when she walks in.

Beau McClellan

Role: Andreus Dranius

Beau played the part of a Scottish-Greek ex-banker, and Oliver’s nemesis. World renown as a lighting designer and artist, this was Beau’s debut as an actor and he took to it with a vengeance. His intensity, charisma and charm shone through on the screen.

Support Cast


Kristjan Knigge


Kristjan Knigge grew up in the Algarve and even though he now lives in Amsterdam he still considers the Algarve his ‘terra’. To date he has made short films, commercials, corporates, music videos and a full length documentary. The Right Juice was the perfect opportunity to do what he loves in the place that he loves; filming in the Algarve.

BJ Boulter

Production Designer & Producer

With over 40 years experience in film, from Wardrobe Mistress at the ABC in Australia, through to Art Directing in Amsterdam and now producing in Portugal, BJ wis the driving force behind the project. The Right Juice is not just a whim and is a challenge to her full professional, design and organisation experience in making movies.

David Butler-Cole


David’s great passion is the theatre. All his life, since primary school, he he has been involved in the dramatic arts as either director or actor. He has also spent many happy hours writing, firstly pantomimes, then revues, music halls and plays – which he has successfully produced. “The Right Juice” is David’s first attempt at writing a screen play, a process which he enjoyed tremendously.

Chris Parker


Chris comes from a commercial and corporate background, and The Right Juice is the opportunity to fulfill a life long goal of producing a feature film. His main motivation is the chance to work with such a great creative team and support them in the realisation of their dream – bringing The Right Juice to the big screen. His contribution to this effort is specifically focused on creating and achieving a plan which balances the creative ambitions of the team with the commercial realities of the market.

Dick Merx

Director of Photography

Dick’s job was to make sure every shot looked beautiful… and he did! with his keen eye and propensity for using minimal tools and maximising the use of natural light he endeavoured to make every shot as stunning and impactful as possible.

Karen Radzikowski

1st Assistant Director

The most important person on any film set is the 1st AD. The ADs run the show, make sure everyone knows what they should be doing, and bolster the director when his confidence flags. Karen got us to the end of shooting through a tough schedule, with everything in the can! She was unflagging and indefatigable.

Miguel Palhinha

2nd Assistand Director

A 1st AD is only as good as their 2nd AD. On larger shoots the ADs will have a whole department, with 2nd 2nd ADs and PA’s to take on various tasks. Karen just had Miguel. He was an entire department in himself and he did an awesome job co-ordinating actors schedules, supporting Karen and helping on set.

Pedro Matos

Camera Operator

Local filmaker Pedro Matos joined the team as Camera Operator. His boundless energy and enthusiasm was a boon on tough days, and the shots look fantastic. He also formed a great bridge between the Dutch and Portuguese crew members.

Jur Oster

1st Assistant Camera

Focus Puller Jur kept the actors sharp in the frame, and everyone else entertained with his excellent sense of humour! He was Gold Medalist in the hotly contended ‘extending the tape measure the longest distance’ competition.

Suzy Turner

Script Supervisor

The Right Juice was Suzy’s first time on a film set (she is a successful author), and she took on the daunting task of Script Supervisor. Learning every day, Suzy took to the task with a great attitude and proved invaluable on set. Her work is still being used right through post-production, as the editor relies heavily on her script notes.

Erik Schuring

Sound Recordist & Sound Designer

Erik joined the team half way through production. Thrown in at the deep end, he got into the flow of things quickly and did a great job. He inherited an assistant, André, but they quickly became a team and saw the film through to the end of shooting. Erik is also in charge of audio post production sound, as the Sound Designer. Pictured here with André Espada. Erik’s the one without the beard!

The Antunes Brothers

1st Assistant Director

The brothers António and Caca were our grip and electric department. They are both Gaffers in their own rights, and tag teamed as Dolly Grips whenever we needed traveling shots. Two entire departments manifest in these two brothers, bringing decades of experience to the crew. António also provided all the lighting and grip equipment through his company, Cinelight ‘n Grip.

Fábio Guerreiro

2nd Assistand Camera

Besides diligently marking the clapperboard Fábio spent a lot of time running back and forth fetching batteries. There being no electricity at many of our locations, this often involved quite a bit of traveling.

João calvário

Art Director
Besides acting in the movie, João was the rock in the Art Department. Creative, talented, dedicated, peaceful, inspiring, gentle… João. And he’s an excellent cook, often treating us to wonderful dinners back at Oxalá after a hard days shooting!

Jean Chardet

Costume Designer

Without wardrobe the actors would get cold and look silly. Jean was our Costume Designer. Wardrobe for The Right Juice was an interesting challenge as we needed a range of styles, from grubby overalls to fabulous evening gowns, but Jeanny met every challenge head on!

João Gaspar

2nd Assistand Director

João joined us on the action days as Stunt Coordinator. There are some great action sequences in the film, and João was on hand to make sure everything went safely and smoothly. Specially important considering Mark did his own stunts and amazing Ape driving!

Sonja ten Boom


Sonja is a steady and careful editor, a perfect foil for Kristjan’s flighty burbeliness. She started collating and cutting scenes during production a farm warehouse at our basecamp!

Andre Ettema


Andre had the unenviable task of creating a hybrid score that bridged the two worlds portrayed in the film. Bringing Portuguese soulful fado into a cinematic theme while respecting the genre of comedy. And it worked!

Full Movie Credits

Oliver Fellows Mark Killeen
Manel Miguel Dami‹ão
Nesta Lúœcia Moniz
Sally Fellows Ellie Chidzey
Andreus Dranius Beau McClellan
Arkadi Carl Hawker
Jorge Bruno Vasconcelos
Selenar Jo‹ão Calvá‡rio
Artur Pedro Frias
Graeme Bixs Michael Reeve
Dr. Nascimento JϜlia Correia Lagos
Leila JŽessica Mota
Lawrence Matt Harrison
Oliveira Armando Henriques
Gato Ant—onio “ABC” Barbara Correia
Flat Cap Fernando Domingos
Dona Felicidade Cor‡ália Moreira
Liliana Rita Rodrigues
Dona Lurdes Joana Melo
Punching Guy Kevin Robinson
Priest Vitorino Martins
Cabbage Lady IdalŽcia Fernandes
Dr. GuimarÜes Pedro Pessoa
Businessman 1 Henk Viel
Businessman 2 Jerome Gay
Businessman 3 Miguel Titeca
Taxi Driver Ross Dias
Postwoman Dina Fernandes
Juggling Barman Artur Wojciechowski
Hotel Doorman Francisco Trindade
ZooMarine manager Diogo Roj‹o
Clube patrons AndréŽ de Jesus Silvestre
    Augosto Fernandes
    Carlos Manuel
    Eduardo Manuel Henrique
    Emanuel Jesus Alves Encarnaç㍋o
    Geert Devriendt
    Gregorio Reis
    Griselda Fernandes
    Helder da Silva Costa
    Helder Tiago Nunes
    Joã‹o Jumir
    José Fernando Mareiros Duarte
    Jucam Mircla
    Luis Alberto Bondarra Reis
    Marco Batista
    Mario JosŽ Nascimento
    Nele Devriendt
Party guests Ant—nio Armando Serra
    Anya Kristina Kaasinen Vieira
    Charles Saunders
    Dick Van Den Berg
    Elena Karpus
    Inna Hawker
    JosŽ Rui Patacas Vieira
    Karen Martin
    Kiara Wentink
    Kostyantyn Buruyan
    Matt Spencer
    Oleksiy Buruyan
    Paulo Duarte Filipe
    Pippa Jones
    Robin Alexandre Patacas Kaasinen Vieira
    Sandra Howarth
    Saskia Wentink
    Sharon Hurst
    Shen Chen
    Deborah Santos
    Jeanne Knight
    Joanna “Bo” Williams
    Jonquil Ruffell
    Maria Ana dos Santos Faisca
    Marjolein Van Den Berg
    Paul Croucher
    Rita Newhand
    Tina Webster
    Sally Vincent
    Valerie Window
and Sir Owen Gee
party DJ Melissa Robinson
party musicians Luis Manuel Leitão de Almeida
    Luis Nunes
    Pedro Frias
hotel pillow fight Alexandre Correia
    Aslang Bjork
    Carla Ramires
    Carlos Dias Emilio
    Diogo JosŽ Soares Leite
    Diogo Ramires Pereira
    Domingos Silva
    Fleur Bakker
    Gabriel Eggert Emilio
    Inca van Nieuwburg
    Jiry van Nieuwburg
    Micheal Eggert Emilio
    Paulo Gomes
    Sem van Nieuwburg
hotel restaurant guests Eduardo Pinto
    Laura Carlos
hotel restaurant waiters Nuno Gomes
    Ricardo Luis
hotel poolside staff Jo‹o Arez
hotel pool tourists Sacha Kasapsky
    AmŽlia C‰ámara
Zoomarine boys Mylo McClellan
    Skye McClellan
Zoomarine tourists AmŽlia Zappacosta
    Any Omowale
    Daniel Martin Costa
    Deborah Omowale
    Eraldo Zappacosta
    Ewa Omowale
    Gregory Munday
    J.J. Sheehan
    Jessica Mitchner
    Kemi Omowale
    Nicole Zappacosta
    Oladamo Omowale
    Ricardo Castanheira
    Ruby Mitchner
    Sam Sheehan
orange pickers   Emmet Brennan
    F‡bio Guerreiro
    Geraldo Muller
Perna Seca villagers   Adelina Valente
    Alice Monteiro Ereire
    Almerinda Guerreiro Cruz
    Ant—nio JosŽ Piedade
    Arminda Gomes
    Eurico Fernandes
    Francisco Matos
    Fraser Farley
    Gilberto da Silva Fernandes
    Jaime Dias dos Santos
    Jorge Duarte
    JosŽ Camacho
    JosŽ Ros‡rio Morais
    Manuel ElautŽrio
    Manuel Maria
    Marcelino Jesus Roque
    Maria Elisa Lira
cyclists   Mark Ellis
    Michael Turner
juice factory manager   Luis Bai‹o
juice factory workers   Betina Silva
    Eduardo Cabrita
    Sandra Costa
juice factory truck driver   Jo‹o Silva
directed by Kristjan Knigge
written by David Butler-Cole and Kristjan Knigge
co-producer Chris Parker
producer BJ Boulter
executive producers David Butler-Cole
    Rinie Jansen
    Dorothy Boulter
    Richard Merx
1st assistant director Karen Radzikowski
2nd assistant director Miguel Palhinha
stunt supervisor Joã‹o Gaspar
LœciÕa Moniz double AmŽélia C‰mara
production design BJ Boulter
art director João Calv‡rio
standby prop Ross Dias
set builder Pedro Damas
set painter Ray Jillings
maquette painting Sam Sheehan
director of photography Dick Merx
camera operator Pedro Matos
steadicam Knut Pedersen
1st assistant camera Jur Oster
2nd assistant camera Fá‡bio Guerreiro
2nd unit camera assistant Bruno de Freitas
sound recordists Ronald van der Spek
    Erik Schuring
sound assistant AndréŽ Espada
make-up Sam Sheehan
costumes Jean Chardet
dolphin suit designer Mona Martins
dolphin suit maker Fleur Bakker
dolphin head & maquette sculptor Sue Kale
dolphin Rehearsal suit Jan Sheppeard
Beau McClellan’s suits Lojas Antó—nio Manuel
Ellie Chidzey’s dresses La Dolce Vita by MaritŽé
seniors casting Sofia Brito
    Grupo Senior do Teatro de Portim‹o
script consultants Janice Dexter
    Lisa Selvidge
production accounts supervisor David Butler-Cole
production accountant Ant—nio Sim›es Loureno
assistant accountant Margaret Brito
script supervisor Suzy Turner
script advisor June Moody
gaffer/dolly grip Ant—nio Antunes
best boy/dolly grip Carlos Antunes
rigger Rory McKeowen
location manager AmŽlia C‰mara
production assistants Zito Cunha
    Marisa Caoete
    Sacha Kasapsky
men with a van Andy Dunn
    Cliff Burnham
    Nuno Firmino
Piaggio Ape mechanics Zé Marcelino
    Vitor Santos
    AndrŽé Santos
catering Erla Oladottir
    Sue Butler-Cole
    Jon Vine
    Bonnie Appleyard
    Gaelle Hamp-Adams
    Lesley Miller
    Anya Rubin
making of Etic Algarve
camera equipment GoldenEye
lighting and grip equipment Cinelight
edited by Sonja ten Boom
assistant editor Amanda McGreggor
vfx Allard Zoetman
    Kristjan Knigge
colorist Judith de Boer
original music by Andre Ettema
guitarist Daniel Raposo
teaser music by Pedro Frias
supervising sound designer Erik Schuring
sound consultant Wouter Snel
sound editors Martijn Kleisen
    Nick van Noort
sound post-production facility MacLoud Amsterdam
design consultants Arjen Went
    Jeroen Mimran
main and end titles Paul Hensen
The Right Juice’ title by Julie Swift
post production facilities MacGyver Post
Ecolub truck provided by Carmona Lda
drilling equipment provided by Ac‡áçio Silva Carreira
taxi provided by Ademar Nunes
police motorbike provided by Luí’s Matos Silva
scaffolding provided by Rudy’s Project
white Piaggio Ape provided by JoseŽ Luis Lima
Ape Process Trailer provided by Casa Boralho
numismatic equipment provided by Frank Reinhardt
medronho still provided by Iil’dio dos Santos Duarte
Andreus’ villa art provided by Galeria XXI, Portim‹ão
winnebago provided by Andrew Firebrace
this film was made possible by crowd funded financial contributions
    Dorothy Boulter
    Kathy & Russ Hubbard
    Karen Radzikowski
    Le Coze family
    Richard and Libby Harrison
GRAPEFRUIT Barry and Karen Martin
    Chris Evans
    Janice and Graham Dexter
    John van Rijswijk
    Mads Knigge
    Maria Ciobu
    Sovereign – Consultoria Lda
    Tina Webster & Paul Croucher
LEMON Alice and Robert Westenborg
    Anne Toomey
    Astrid Horta & Paul Sneeboer
    C Jucker
    Deirdre Southey
    Erik Bannenberg
    Fedor Hoevenaars
    Jane Devane
    Joe Joyce
    Joe Park
    Karin Verhoeven
    Kevin Flood
    Kris MarchŽ
Lynne and Peter Booker (Algarve History Association)
    Mark Jan Sizoo
    Nigel Anteney-Hoare
    Rebecca Phillips Marques
    Tina Harley
    Tony Nascimento
POMELO Albert Knigge
    Bart Eikelenboom
    Dian Knigge-Ijkhout
    Galina Imrie
    Mone & Julian
    Monique Lensing
    Nuno Antonio
    Ulla Spang
    Allard Zoetman
    Andrea Hindermann
    Arjen Went
    Barry Rees
    Chrissy Thirlaway
    Christophe Clouzit
    Orange Medical Centre Albufeira
    Geoffrey Hogerwaard
    Gitta Mšller
    James Blyth
    Janice Sheppeard
    Jeff G. Peters
    Jeroen Mimran
    John Andrews Translations
    Kevin Robinson
    Koen Smit
    Lucia Loupias
    Lucia Orlando
    Lynn Labuda
    Mike Wittenstein
    Mita de Groot
    Nicholas Maniatt
    Patsie Redpath
    Paulo Pereira
    Robert Boulter
    Sally Vincent
    Santiago Pacha
    Sean Fitzpatrick
    Truus Zandstra
    Valter Martins
CLEMENTINE Anabela Espada
    Chris and Sue Watson
    Christophe Mudry
    Dave de Gruiter
    Denise Lima
    Douglas Pluylaar
    ƒÉlio Vicente
    Eveline van Zanten
    Gonçalo Consiglieri
    Hideaway Portugal
    Ian van der Pool
    Jo Brightener
    Jeroen Martijn
    Jo Tarling
    Joana Fernandez de Carvalho
    Jos van Roosbroeck
    Karen Smith
    Krzysztof Grzeszczuk
    Lucas Schrieken
    Maria David
    Miguel Santos
    Mirja Boulter
    Monique Lensing
    Nataniel Parker
    Pamela Nova
    Peter Veen
    R.F. Apple
    Silvia Cavelti
    Steven Holding
    Steve Walker
    Tessa Le Bars
    The Bentleys
    Valerie Mussett
the film was sponsored by Vila Vita Parc Hotel
    LeasePlan Portugal
    ZooMarine Algarve
    Godkin Holdings
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A fam’lia Silva Fernandes de Quinta das Laranjeiras em Ar‹o
    Clube Desportivo Odiaxere
    Aterro Sanit‡rio de Barlavento
    Quinta do Av—, Silves
    Quinta do Perdiz, Pereira
    Crochet Design & Comunica‹o
    Porches Pottery
made with the support and cooperation of Algarve Film Commission
    Turismo do Algarve
special thanks Colin Hayle
    Eduardo Pinto
    Wendy Scozzaro
    Jacques de Mer
    ƒlio Vicente
    Mick Walvisch
    Quinta de Oxal‡
    Philippe Bourroux
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