About four months ago BJ, David and I decided we’d make a movie. A movie set in the Algarve, funded in the Algarve, using as many resources from the Algarve as we can manage. We thought it would be a cool idea. And now we are actually doing it! Amazing! And if you are reading this, you are probably interested in, or already involved in, the project. So I say Welcome.

So anyway, what happened next? Well we brainstormed ideas about what our movie could be about. I mean, where do you start when trying to come up with a good idea for a movie? Of course we had a few parameters. The story had to take place in the Algarve. We wanted to make a comedy. And seeing as we’d end up making a low budget film, it was probably a good idea to keep that in mind. Things like keeping the interiors to a minimum, because interiors need to be lit and that takes time and is more costly in terms of crew and equipment than exterior (usually). Also probably a good idea not to write a Science Fiction film, as CGI and other movie trickery can run quite expensive too. So anyway, we started asking “What if…?” questions, and BJ came up with a great “What if…?|”
She came up with this: “What if a home owner is drilling and artesian well (borehole) in the Algarve, and he strikes oil ………….!
Brilliant! That was my first thought. And it still is. I think it’s a great premise for a film. Oil where there is no oil. Cool.
Then we had to come up with the rest of the film. And that was a journey. Plotting out possible story lines, thinking of fun things to happen. Got to have a love story in there, need some action, and of course, lots of jokes. Well thankfully David is great at coming up with jokes, and together we’ve bashed out a great story (well we think it’s great). David is currently working on the 3rd draft (or is it the 7th draft? What constitutes a new draft, and what is just a bit of tinkering with a previous draft?). Anyway, still working at the script, and now it’s time for the next phase.
Getting the movie made. Mainly that means money. To make a movie you need money. And that’s where this website comes in. Here we are gathering all the info on the movie and laying out ways how we hope to fund the production. Basically we need you, dear reader. We need your cash and your support. We need donations, we need sponsoring, we need investors. We need a community of people who want to get behind the project and make it happen.

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2 Responses to First Post

  1. Isabel says:

    Hey, this sounds brilliant why do things like this happen when I’m miles away! Might be able to visit end of July.

  2. kk says:

    Look forward to seeing you, Isabel!

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