In early January we invited a few people round so we could pitch our story to them. We had an outline of the whole movie. This is called a step outline. It’s basically all the scenes in the film with a short description of each scene. The descriptions range from one line to a couple of paragraphs depending on how long and complicated the scene is.
This first pitch meeting was a great success. At the table were Bonnie, Shirley, Eddie, Julie, Antonio and Maria. The purpose was simply to present the step outline then ask for feedback. The main questions we wanted answering were: Where did you get bored? and Where did you get confused? Well we got great feedback and incorporated most of the suggestions into the next draft. But we got a lot more. For starters we gained support for the project. Shirley was very enthusiastic, and she and Eddie are fully on board and helping out with PR and funding activities. And we also got a title! Spontaneously a discussion about the title of the film started. We didn’t have one, you see. Many titles were bandied around, some funny, some descriptive, some buzzer. And then Julie, just as she was putting her coat on to head home, came up with “The Right Juice”. And we were all sold. Then, when I translated it into Portuguese and it became “O Sumo Certo” it was even better. So that became the title:

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  1. thomas hartmann says:

    hellodavid, BJ and others,
    It all looks great!Many compliments!
    I will visit your stand on saturday to see if there might be a possibility for me to take part in this project as an actor.
    Good luck and see you saturday!!!!!!


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