In the early stages of a project like this there’s not a lot to show people. We’ve got an idea for a movie, a work-in-progress script, and a title. So I thought it would be cool to have a visual. An image representing the film. I had an idea based one of the themes in the story and a joke that happens in the movie. One involving a portaloo.
I took the idea to Arjen and Manon, friends of mine who are Went en Navarro. I love their work so asked them to create the visual for the project, and create a design for the title. Arjen decided the best way to work at it would be in the form of a poster.
So here we are. Right at the start of the project, no money yet, no cast yet, no locations yet, but we have a cool poster!


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One Response to The Poster

  1. BJ says:

    The coolest, thanks Arjen, love the portaloo in the sky

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