As usual, I’m out walking at 7.30 am. I’m not making a point, it is just that here in the Algarve, the weather doesn’t get in the way, if you are an early riser like me. For sure my two dogs appreciate it as we stride through the countryside soaking up nature.

This is the time I do my thinking, on the hoof. I take along a tape recorder just in case I have a thought that may be useful  for the film. Today, nothing cerebral – but as we go under the newly erected power lines, towers sprouting from peak to peak in the hills, I can hear the sound from the cables as they sway with the wind. It is a malicious hissing effect that can be clearly heard a kilometer away. It was worth recording, though doesn’t make good background music..

The Right Juice people are still working on the prospectus. The decision is when to go on air. We hesitate as we think of budgets, wording and descriptions for our brand new website. Timing  is  so important – we mustn’t go off half-cock at the launch.

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