Monday last we shot the first Teaser for the film! It was a fantastic days shooting, and I am very grateful to all who helped out:

  • Pedro for his excellent cinematography
  • Eduardo for the great stills
  • BJ for getting the whole thing together and for her precision driving
  • Paulo for his unwavering support
  • Marta for allround assistance and holding the reflectors
  • Ross for his wonderful acting, energy and for folding me into the Ape through the window
  • Diogo for unflaggingly capturing all our efforts for the making of
  • Arusha for her acting
  • Sue for the wonderful lunch!

Here is one picture of what went on, to whet your appetite. The finished teaser will be premiered at the Obrigado Portugal Event on October 1st, and will go online here and on Facebook soon after that. I’ll add more pictures in the coming weeks. It’s a teaser after all!

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