I’d like to talk about our sponsors. This film is being made possible by lots of people. People who have donated, crew that are helping to make the film, our wonderful cast, our production team toiling tirelessly and our sponsors. Without the sponsorships of goods, locations and services, this film would not be possible. I intend to post about all our sponsors over the coming weeks.

First up, Colin Hayle of Quinta da Lua.

Colin was one of the first people contact us, back in April last year. He manages a wonderful villa which he offered us as a location to shoot. After visiting the villa, BJ and I knew we had found one of the main locations for the film. Over the last year Colin has been a staunch supporter, attending all our events so far, following us on our Facebook page and spreading the word about the film with his network. He is funny, energetic and positive and I am extremely grateful for his involvement. Thank you Colin!

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