Today we had the first table read of the whole script. It was an amazing experience.

For those of you who don’t know what a table read is, here’s the short explanation: the principal actors and many of the supporting actors gather and sit round a big table. They then read the whole script out loud, each reading their own roles, and Karen, our 1st AD (Assistant Director) reads the descriptions and actions. For those roles where actors where unavailable to come, various volunteers read the lines. The director (me), the writer David, the Script Supervisor Suzy, the 2nd AD Miguel and the DoP Dick sit and listen. I don’t say a word. I just listen and take notes.


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3 Responses to The first readthrough

  1. The Right Juice says:

    Michael Bixs says
    It was great fun and interesting and yes indeed we ARE making a movie

  2. Colin Hayle says:

    Lights …. Camera…. Action !!! Love it ……

  3. June Moody says:

    Great team feeling, determination to succeed and plenty of good humour on set. This project deserves to come to fruition. (excuse pun)

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