The team is not shooting this scene today, nor will they ever. It was cut from the script!

Sally is sitting in the portable loo, knickers round her knees, dreamily studying a luxury development brochure. Elena pops her head round the corner. She is carrying a large country loaf.

ELENA: Ah! This is where Senhora Fellow is.
SALLY: Do you mind?
ELENA (smiling): Nice place you got.
SALLY: Could we talk later?
ELENA: I been baking. I bring you a loaf look!

Elena gives the loaf to Sally. Sitting on the loo, she is not sure what to do with it. She holds it on her lap.

SALLY: Thank you very much.
ELENA: Your brochure is interesting?

Elena comes up Sally’s end of the loo. Sally is horrified. Elena points at a picture.

ELENA: It’s a palace!

Oliver puts his head round the corner.

OLIVER Ah, there you are. Doing a little bonding, are we?

Sally jumps up and hurls the loaf at him.

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