Oliver is with his saplings, wearing nothing more than a baggy pair of shorts. He is on his knees, a book held open in his hand. He rocks back and forth as he reads out an incantation in a high pitch voice.

OLIVER: Belovéd Babá. Belovéd Babá! Bestow rain on us, your people. Fill our dams and give succour to our saplings.

Manel, fascinated is drawn towards this bazarre spectacle. Oliver hands him an empty wine bottle and a battered spoon. He indicates to Manel to tap out a beat. Manel complies. Oliver starts an improvised rain dance, moving around jerkily in a crouched position in time with Manel’s beat, He brings his knees up as high as he can with each step. He snatches up a battered umbrella.

OLIVER (CONT): Babá! Babá!

Manel increases the tempo, as Oliver’s dance becomes more extravagant. Manel is laughing so hard, he can’t beat. Oliver collapses in a heap. He looks mournfully at Manel.

OLIVER (CONT): The book more or less promised it would work.

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One Response to DELETED SCENE: Rain Dance

  1. The Right Juice says:

    MIguel Amaral says
    Oh dear! I’m gonna need to tell my biker friends about this, lol! – Anyway, interesting interaction we need some good changes in the Algarve, too many crazy “parachutists, don’t you know? I like this last bloke’s comments! It sounds like new season watches being sold around the seaside! – just joking, ok? 😉

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