Matt Harrison, a wonderful young actor from the UK, joined the team for a few days to play the part of Lawrence at the marine park. Here are some of his thoughts about the experience working on The Right Juice…

My First day of the Right juice

After arriving at my hotel the night before, I was told to be at the hotel door by 7:15, a time which is unfamiliar to a teenager. When I came down to the lobby I was met by Miguel. On the way to the car I was introduced to Mark, both friendly and brilliant members of the cast and crew; great guys. After arriving at the Zoo Marine Park I was introduced to everyone involved in the film: Director, AD, costume, make up, camera and sound crew. All friendly and kind people, I was immediately struck by the family style atmosphere of the people surrounding the breakfast table.

After introductions and breakfast we were shown to the first location for shooting back stage in the Dolphin area. After a small drama involving the acquisition of costumes for my character we started rehearsals allowing me to learn the marks that I had to hit, and also to better understand how my character, Lawrence, would react with Mark’s character Oliver; it was both a helpful and exhilarating experience. After filming all that could be filmed in the Dolphin area we moved to the next location where I was not needed for some time. This break allowed me to explore the Zoo Marine Park and also enjoy some of the Portugees sun and warmth. It also allowed me to see how my character would interact with the guests of the park as I walked around in my loaned Zoo Marine employee clothes.

Later I came back to the film location to do my final scene for that day, after a few line mistakes made by me, I soon steeled back in and performed for the last scene of the day. Finally heading back to my hotel room for the evening.

Day two

I was meant to be on a day off but because of weather constraints I had to go in to film a scene earlier than planed. I was pleased with the change in plans because it meant I had something to do and it also meant that I could have more of a day off on a different day later on in the week.
The scene was nice and simple to film; from my perspective. I was able to perform my part and get back to the hotel for the thing that teenagers love; sleeping (and obviously studying for college). That being said it was great to meet up with the cast and crew, and also to have something a bit more exciting to do on my day off, better than being in my room on my own working.

Coming in on this day also allowed me to meet some more of the actors that would be in the film and also look at some of the filming techniques that they use to film the scenes. I was becoming more and more curious, as I watched the film being made, about the reality of the film making process. It was interesting to see the problem solving and resourcefulness of the crew whenever a lighting issue presented itself or a sound issue became a problem for the scene.

Day three the final day

Weather scares (will it rain or not!) create a lot of waiting around and long days, put together the people the location the excitement of filming and it made for an amazing last day on the set of The Right Juice movie. Despite the unpredictable weather problems the day was great, it was the first day I had my dad with me on the set and also the first time he got to see me performing in front of the camera.

The final day was great because I got to do the most entertaining scene, for my character, a scene that involved no speaking but some simple movements; my favourite scene and a great way to finish my involvement filming. After saying good bye to a fantastic group of people on set I went back to the hotel to sleep and get ready to go fly back to the cold and dampness of England.

All that’s left to say is a big, heartfelt, thank you to The Right Juice it was brilliant.

See more about this on Youtube.

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