We are a couple of days into our Indiegogo campaign and we are very pleased with the buzz. Facebook is on fire, our supporters are sharing like crazy, and the contributions are rolling in!

I want to take a minute to explain how to help the campaign the most effectively.

1. Make a donation

Donating even five euros helps us reach our goal!

2. Share, share, share

The more people hear about the project, the more donors. Simple. However there are more advantages to sharing. For one, we are creating an audience for the film when it comes out, which is great. We made the film for it to be seen far and wide and by lots of people.

Now about sharing. Here’s some info from the Indiegogo site:

Indiegogo provides each campaign with a set of Share Tools to help you spread the word about your project. The Share Tools are located in the box below your Pitch image or video. Please note that your Share box will appear only after your campaign is live, not while your campaign is still in Draft mode.

Launching a campaign is just the beginning. Money does not just show up out of nowhere. It requires a good and consistent outreach; like sharing your campaign with friends, family and fans. We make it very easy for contributors and fans to help you spread the word, but you still need to cultivate the early base to jump start your crowdfunding.
How to Use the Share Tools

  • Copy the campaign URL and paste it into an email or social media update
  • Click on the Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter icons to share through your social media networks
  • Add a widget to your blog or personal website. Click Embed and then copy and paste the widget code.
  • Send a direct email from Indiegogo

If you use any of the tools in the Share box, Indiegogo can keep track of all the people who visit your Campaign Homepage. You can see visitor information on the Analytics tab of your campaign Dashboard (the top right hand corner).

Sharing your campaign helps increase your gogofactor and increases your likelihood of reaching your goal. Gogofactor is the algorithm that Indiegogo uses to rank campaigns on the Browse or Homepages. The gogofactor also determines which campaigns are featured on our blog or in our newsletter.

Indiegogo GogofactorSo. That’s how to get our project seen by more and more people. Increase it’s Gogofactor. Our aim is of course to get the project on the Indiegogo front page and in their featured project section. that way we’ll reach an enormous amount of people who have never heard of The Right Juice, or even of the Algarve!




The easiest way for you to use these tools is to always use the following URL to link to the campaigen. Copy it into your Facebook posts, emails etc.


That link contains a string of numbers. Those are unique to my Indiegogo account. Every time someone clicks that link, that counts as a “referral” for me. The more referrals I get, the higher my Gogofactor the better the campaign is valued.

Indiegogo sharebar kkHowever it’s not just my referrals that count. You can get on the referals table too, and help the standing of the campaign in that way. If you make a (free) Indiegogo account, whether you donate or not, you can help with this. After making an account, if you then go to our campaign page you will see, under the trailer video a bunch of buttons and a link. In this picture, you’ll see my referral number in the URL. That will change to your unique number if you are logged in. Then, if you use these buttons, or copy/paste that link, you’ll be able to get referrals too. All that will add up to increasing the campaigns Gogofactor, and help us get the project even more visible!

So please, follow these steps and make all your sharing count even more!

3. Add an embedded widget to your site or blog

In the campaign sharebar you can see a button titled “Embed”. I recon that is a booster function for the Gogofactor. So if you have a website or blog and are willing, please use the embed code to add a campaign box to it. And who wouldn’t want the cute portaloo-caarying-Piaggio-Ape trundling across their page!

Thank you


Director of The Right Juice

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