I have posted the full credits for the film to the website. We’ve done our best to make sure everyone is correctly credited, but errors can sneak in.

Please take a moment to check whether I have spelled your name right, got the right job title and also if you know of anyone we’ve forgotten.

The list will be definite from August 10th, so please check before then! There’s a button on the credits page to submit any correction that needs to be made.



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2 Responses to Movie credits

  1. martin says:

    why cannot it be shown at a cinema here in the algarve..there is an empty cinema sitting in messines that could be used

    • kk says:

      We will definitely be holding screenings in the Algarve. We have various venues available. However we won’t be commiting to dates untill we have spoken to distributors. (which looks like happening soon!)

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