This is definitely the most common question I get regarding The Right Juice, and the frequency and volume of these demands are ever increasing.  People want to see The Right Juice!

The great news, of course, is we have made – with your help and support – a wonderful independent movie, with some drama, intrigue, romance, and even a few dolphins.  When putting the plan together for the film, we set out to make a light-hearted, approachable film this is fun to watch while still having some meaningful messages about our time.  We also invested what limited money we had available to get the highest possible production quality and bring in some talented actors.  On the big screen, the locations from the Algarve and the actors look absolutely amazing.

bmw_algarve_wideThe challenging news is more about the film industry at this time that specifically about our film.  We always knew The Right Juice would not be a blockbuster hit, however there are two trends in the market that have made it particularly difficult to sell the film. First, the traditional film industry is effectively collapsing at the moment, with online video changing the game fundamentally, and the big production companies are struggling to make sense of how to make money.  On the independent side, the cost of making a feature film continues to tumble, resulting in more and more high quality indie features to compete in the market.

So, what we need to do is get lucky.  Granted, we haven’t been sitting idly and waiting for someone to discover the project.  Last year we have been to the Film Market in Cannes and earlier this year to the European Film Market in Berlin.  Throughout all this, we have been sharing the film with potential sales agents and distributors.  Typically, the feedback is exactly as we expected based on our plan and strategy for the film – they like the story and talent and are impressed with the production quality, however because we don’t have an ‘A-List’ star in the film, they think it would be too hard to exploit traditionally.  Submitting to top festivals, such as the Atlanta Film Festival where the film will have it’s US Premier this month, is part of our marketing strategy to get the attention of people who might fall in love with the project.

Nesta cautiousFortunately, we have gotten lucky!  As we continue to pursue possible leads and follow-up with contacts, we have found some really good partners who are championing the film into different markets.  We are in final discussions for a TV deal in one region, and there are possible small theatrical runs in the works as well.  We have been very respectful of the market dynamics, meaning we have not allowed the film to get online now because his would certainly ruin any theatrical possibilities.  We will work the next few months to finalise these more ‘traditional’ distribution opportunities, and then we get creative with some indie distribution techniques.

Manel making sense of it allSo, when can you see the film?  Our current plan is to have a limited theatrical release over this summer, followed up by a TV release later in the year.  Ideally, we will have DVD’s available in the market before Christmas.  At some point, probably towards the end of the year, we will release online through various channels.

How can you help?  If you know anyone in the film distribution or cinema business, let us know and we’ll reach out to them and see if they have a click with the project, and we’ll see if we can make some magic happen!

Chris Parker


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