On Wednesday, 25 June 2014, at 19:00 there will be a special pre-release screening of The Right Juice at the Utopolis Cinema in Almere, the Netherlands. So many people have been hearing about this project and since the formal distribution is still months away we are hosting a pre-release opportunity. This screening is open to the general public.


There is limited seating, so please book quickly if you would like to attend. Friends of The Right Juice receive 50% off the normal cinema ticket price of €9.50 when you use the following code: THERIGHTJUICE

Please forward this page to other friends who may also wish to see The Right Juice in Almere!

Eventbrite_lge_buttonTickets are available exclusively on Eventbrite.

The Right Juice is the first English language feature film fully shot and set in the Algarve – its people , it’s beauty, and it’s comedy! The Algarve has been dreaming about a film being made which captures it’s spirit, and we made that happen. We also happened to make the dreams of everyone involved in the project come true – we made the feature film!

Who wouldn’t want to see a corrupt banker go bankrupt and have to move to a shack in the country to survive? Who doesn’t dream of living in a place in the sun? This is what The Right Juice is all about. Oliver, our hero, is a banker and a greedy bastard. You meet him in the film after he’s been thrown out of London and has a dream of making millions growing oranges in the Algarve.

Note the film is not yet formally rated, however only has light profanity so we feel it is acceptable for all audiences except younger children.

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Yes you can get three people on an electric scooter!

TRJ Trailer 1 from therightjuice on Vimeo.

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