The Right Juice has recently signed an agreement with NOS to distribute the film in Portugal. NOS is the biggest media broadcaster and distributor in Portugal with about a 60% market share, including over 200 cinema theatres. We are really proud to have partnered with NOS to bring The Right Juice to audiences in our home country. NOS will premier the film on 29 August in Faro, and then there are planned public releases in the Algarve and then throughout Portugal in October. Beyond that, we look forward to seeing the film on DVD/BluRay, Television and Video on Demand channels.

In order to connect with the broader Portuguese audience, The Right Juice will be released under a new local name “O Sonho Certo – Uma Historia do Algarve”, which means “The Right Dream – An Algarve Story”. The film itself remains unchanged, with about 90% of the dialogue being in English and the rest in Portuguese.

We are now working closely with NOS to make sure the launch in the Algarve is a great success, and look forward to seeing everyone who helped make this a success at the Premier!


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2 Responses to New Name in Portugal

  1. Owen Gee says:

    A must to be seen by everybody who lives here or is a regular visitor.

  2. Barbara Austin says:

    Can’t wait to see this film. Have followed the struggle for financial support for several months.
    Hope it comes out on DVD after the cinema screening

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