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The Right Juice (2014) on IMDb

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9 Responses to Tell The World About The Right Juice

  1. Gilda says:

    Wonderful!!!Great movie and fabulous actors!Congrats to all the team that made this possible 🙂 Many thanks from us “algarvios” 🙂 and now let’s made a toast and celebrate with medronhoooooo :)))))))

  2. Alan and Jane Fieldsend says:

    We have followed the progress of the film since the beginning and have enjoyed the outcome. Wonderful teamwork, we wish you more success in the future.

  3. Phil Johnson says:

    We attended the European Premiere by invite , Thanks Lisa McNamara and Lora McAleer, and have been in the Algarve on our Networking travels for some time, it was so good and true to life for everyone who has spent anytime living in the Algarve, I am sure they will agree, go and see this film and Enjoy and then come back time and time again until you love the place like we do!!!!

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  5. George Parker says:

    Delightful, realistic yet not stereotype by today’s market. Cast did fantastic job in presenting themselves as everyday people – would watch it again and again! Better than the films coming out of Hollywood.

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