On Friday, 29 August the Teatro das Figuras in Faro was transformed into an amazing venue, worthy of a hollywood premiere with a 60 metre long red carpet that was decorated with a presence to make you proud. The event was long awaited by the locals, and many couldn’t resist arriving 30 minutes early, so we decided to embrace their eagerness with allowing them to enjoy the surroundings.


Photo by Ian Carfree


Photo by Ian Carfrae

Just before 21:00, a beautiful white sedan swooped in and while the crowds formed to be the first to see who got out, Kristjan Knigge, the Director of the movie jumped out – he was the driver, driving the leading ladies to the edge of the red carpet. They looked stunning, what an honour to have the Director chauffeur these gems who were looking absolutely gorgeous for the occasion!  Lúcia Moniz (who played Nesta in the film), Ellie Chidzey (who played Sally), Wendy Scozzaro (the agent of Mark and Ellie) and Lúcia (the wife of Beau McLellan) stepped onto the red carpet. Whilst the ladies stood being admired by the crowds, a cute little horn from the distance was heard, bringing the attention of the crowds to look beyond the walls. Then suddenly the erratically driven Piaggio Ape from the movie arrived, full of well-dressed men – the male lead actors arriving in The Right Juice style…. What an entrance, so apt for the style and approach of our movie, and was welcomed by the national and local press alike. It couldn’t have been rehearsed better, even if they tried!


direitos reservados


direitos reservados

The foyer of the theatre had been transformed into a lounge with music from the film playing overhead and canapés, wine and, of course, orange juice being served.


Photo by Ian Carfrae


Photo by Ian Carfrae

As we approached the start of the film, which was planned for 21:30, the actors and others from the film were being interviewed in various places.  Lúcia Moniz and Miguel Damião’s interview on RTP News was broadcast live nationally. You can see it again here.


Photo by Ian Carfrae


Photo by Ian Carfrae

All the other actors were interviewed throughout the evening.  We have been posting any press coverage we have found here, which gives a great feeling for how much this project is appreciated.


It’s Show Time!

Just after 21:30, the crowd was finally in their seats.  The auditorium seats over 750 – sold out!  The lead actors, along with Kristjan and BJ Boulter, the Producer, were sitting in the middle of the auditorium.

Chris Parker, our Co-Producer, and João Fernandes, Vice President of the Regional Tourism Board introduced the film, and the crowd cheered when he announced this is premiere of the film in Europe, in Portugal and in the Algarve!


Photo by Ian Carfrae

Photo by Rogerio V Fontes (alfa.pt)

The Audience Loved The Right Juice

Throughout the film, the audience was really into the story and people were laughing throughout.  This is what we have experienced each time we have screened the film, during festivals and in pre-screenings.  People just really enjoy the story and how it was told.  Immediately after the screening, Kristjan and the five lead actors did a Questions and Answers for about 15 minutes, which added to the entertainment as people had some fun questions, comments and their own experiences from the making of the film.

Photo by Ian Carfrae

Photo by Ian Carfrae

Photo by Ian Carfrae

Photo by Ian Carfrae

We closed the evening by bringing all the cast and crew who were in attendance on stage, where Chris presented BJ with a bottle of champagne for her to celebrate the amazing achievement and the whole group took a much deserved bow on stage.


Photo by Ian Carfrae


Photo by Ian Carfrae

To round off a fabulous evening many of the cast, crew and guests made their way across the street to SPOT Café for the after-party, where things got really interesting as The Right Juice Band spontaneously formed out of a bunch of the actors. However, that story is for another news post.

If you attended the film, it would be really helpful if you could give us a rating on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes.

Thank You To Our Event Partners

We would really like to express our thanks to all the people who helped make the premiere happen.  We originally planned to hold the premiere later, but when the opportunity for the national release came suddenly, we found ourselves with about three weeks to put it all together – and during August where most of the suppliers were on holiday. Thank you again for the effort to make the event such a success!

  • Event team: LMC Consultants (Lisa McNamara and Lora McAleer), The Right Juice Team (BJ Boulter, Kristjan Knigge, Chris Parker)
  • Teatro das Figuras (Joachim, Gil, Elsa and Jorge)
  • Sponsors: Quintas dos Vales, Jardim Vista, LARA, SPOT Café, Bar Progresso, Casa Curiosa and O Grego
  • Entertainment: Catarino, Volume 2, and Pedro Frias
  • Hotels: Alisios, Vila Vita Parc
  • Volunteers: Samantha, Carlos, Miguel, Carina, Sacha, Genia and Ian
  • Spontaneous Waiters: David Butler-Cole and Alan Winn

 Thank You Everyone For Having The Right Juice

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