The Right Juice DVDs will be released soon

The official Portoguese DVD with the title ‘O Sonho Certo’ is planned to be available before Christmas in retail outlets across Portugal. Sign up for our newsletter to hear when and where you can purchase the DVD!

The Limited Edition English DVD is also coming soon! This special DVD has been produced for cast, crew and supporters will be available before the end of November. You can pre-purchase additional copies here.



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2 Responses to The Right Juice DVD’s Coming Soon

  1. ivan payne says:

    trying to buy this dvd….. but how?!!

    • admin says:

      Hi Ivan. The film was released in Portugal under the title O Sonho Certo and those DVDs are available from FNAC.

      For a cheaper, and higher quality option, the film is also available on multiple VOD platforms. Check the options at
      hope that helps

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