Wow. The Berlinale is pretty crazy!

Friday. Arrived, met up with my friend Marijtje who kindly lent me her couch to sleep on. First up, Berlinale Talent showcase at the Audi lounge, then off to Homebase for a drink. Turns out there’s a Raindance pitching session going on, so I joined in. Pitched my new script to a panel of experts, nerve-wracking but fun, got great feedback. Then met up with Chris and Mick and off the the Spiegel tent. Meeting and greeting, gathering and handing out business cards. Distributors, sales agents, festival directors, folks from France, Canada, Israel, Lithuania etc.

Later. Off to the Polish Party. We had one invite between the five of us, but a little charm goes a long way. Grungy, groovy, vodka, top floor of a sky-scraper. Danced like a madman. Bed

Saturday. Hit the Film Market with Chris and Mick, both at the Martin Gropius Bau and at the Marriot. Incredible. Thousands of films being bought and sold. Every country has a stand promoting their national product. Distributors and sales agents vying for attention. Busy, busy buiness. Stop for a chat at the Portuguese stand, TRJ poster on the wall, hello ICA friends then off to the Netherlands booth. Quick chat, moving on. Wow. Very cool to see the other wnd of the film business in action.

Afternoon, meeting with a producer about a number of scripts/projects that he thinks I might be a good fit for. Exciting! Fingers crossed…

Then off to the deco-chique Babylon cinema for the screening of The Right Juice. Great audience, couple of Algarvians in the room (one who was seeing the film for the third time!). Lots of laughs, lots of great responses. Always special for me to see the film up on the big screen where Dick’s cinematography shines magnificently, and the actors performances just sing. And the music! Andre’s subtle score brought alive by Daniel’s virtuoso guitar playing. Glorious.

Held a Q&A after (video of that coming soon) and really engaged with the audience, getting great questions and comments. And to cap it off a bunch of the audience joined us for drinks after and we chatted and chatted and chatted about the film.

Then scooted to the Norwegian Party, very fancy venue, finger foods and white wine. More networking, handing out cards, working the room. Great conversation with a festival programmer (handed her a DVD) and a long talk with a potential distributor and of course more dancing. Fantastic DJ who kept us on the dance floor for hours with a mix of Roaring Twenties swing and Baltic Beats. And late to bed.

Sunday, breakfast with Chris and Mick, coffe, compare notes, evaluate, strategize, coffee, congratulate.

Now sitting in the train, heading home to Amsterdam and the family. Tired, happy and proud.


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