The Right Juice Experience, by Matt Harrison

I knew I wanted to be part of The Right Juice after I learned about the project and storyline on their website. Through the help of my family, I was able to get in touch with Chris Parker, the Co-Producer, and Kristjan, the Director. I sent off an audition real for the part of Lawrence the Zoomarine Manager and a few months later I was on a plane to the Algarve for my first day of filming.

Being a Fan of comedy I loved the story, it was a fresh and a modern take on a classic story line with the underdog coming out on top and winning the girl in the end. Whilst being in education at the time of filming this really helped my own performances in comedic shows from then on. My friends and teachers encouraged me and I realised that this was a great opportunity and would look great on my resume, influencing future endeavours for myself as an actor.
I was surprised and happy with my first impressions of the TRJ team, with everyone being so friendly and encouraging. The crew were so patient and funny that it was easy to settle in and having not worked with a Director in such a close proximity as I did with Kristjan it was amazing to see how friendly he was allowing me to relax into my week of filming with great ease and enjoyment.

The weather in the Algarve was amazing. It was warm and sunny right up until the last day of filming, with rain clouds rolling in on the last scene of the day which then had to be shot in a speed against nature kind of way. Thanks to the focus of the crew and the Director it didn’t cause any problems really which showed me the professional attitude of everyone involved.
My connection to the character was achievable due to my own personal observations in a business environment, more specifically the actions of management staff and the actions that they used in their day to day life. Lawrence was a very up tight and to the letter kind of person, he followed the rules above anything else and took his job very seriously. This lead to the creation of a character that was frantically running around the marine park attempting to control everything himself, but failing.

My favourite and most memorable prop was the object that I had the most interaction with, the Dolphin Mascot suit. This suit quickly became the main focus of all my scenes and became a difficult item to work with. It did not work well in the heat of the Algarve sun and quickly had the eyes steaming up! This resulted in a lot of breaks to air out the suit and the actor, Mark Killeen, inside.

Behind the scenes of the dolphin tanks was my favourite location because it was the first step that I took taking part in The Right Juice. My first day in the Algarve, I was whisked away by the whole experience, the location had this ’employee only’ feel that really let me get to grips with the sort of locations that my character would have been working in, much better than my attempts at home in England.

To all those involved with the voluntary catering, I can’t say thank you enough, it was amazing to have such delicious food on the location all the time. Coming from England and not being used to the heat of the Algarve, it was a life saver to always know there was water and quick bite to eat on hand at all times.

The Right Juice has been an unimaginable experience for my future in film, on stage and all other forms of performance. The professional attitude of everyone involved gave me a look into the world of work that I want to be a part of, more so than education could ever try to do. To everyone involved in The Right Juice, I can’t express enough gratitude for the opportunity that I was given and the experience I have gained from the project. It was one of the most defining moments of my life, being the first time out of the country on my own and being the first film outside of education that I was able to act in.

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