If life gives you oranges, make…

…The Right Juice! The first feature film shot in the Algarve region of Southern Portugal which is totally about the Algarve itself – it’s people, it’s beauty, and it’s comedy! The Algarve has been dreaming about a film being made which captures it’s spirit, and we are making that happen. Along the way, we also happened to make the dreams everyone involved in the project come true – we made a feature film! The film is currently in post-production after successfully completing principal Photography in May of 2012.

What’s the film about?

His career in tatters after stock market speculation in oil futures, a disgraced young banker starts an orange plantation in the Algarve – but his past catches up with him when he strikes oil.

Who wouldn’t want to see a corrupt banker go bankrupt and have to move to a shack in the country to survive? This isn’t exactly what The Right Juice is all about, but it gives you an idea of where it’s going. Oliver, our hero, is a banker, and he is a greedy bastard, but you only meet him in the film after he’s been thrown out of London and he has a new dream of making millions growing oranges in the Algarve.

Picture a young man attempting to refurbish an old farm cottage which is almost in ruins. His lovely wife from the city arrives expecting a villa with a pool… He is dreaming ambitiously. He wants to start an orange plantation but… how to get water for his trees? Is there a market for oranges? Is he running away from his past, or racing towards his future? Encounters with his neighbours, old friends from his banking years, new friendships and personal devils all create havoc in what was to be a peaceful idyll.

Can you help?

Well, yes you can, and thanks for asking. We’ve made the film, now we need to share it with the world. You can help in various ways. You can…

  1. Share the link to this website with anyone you know who loves the wonderful movies about authentic people.
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  3. Share this project with anyone you know in the entertainment media or distribution communities, and…
  4. If you want to help more directly, you can donate [campaign coming soon!] a little to help us get the film distributed as widely as possible around the world.

Thank you for helping us make this dream come true!