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Mark Killeen as Oliver Fellows

Mark Killeen

Mark plays the role of Oliver Fellows, the hero of our story. Mark brought great humour, generosity and professionalism to the character and to the project. He was unflagging in his enthusiasm and motivation for the work.

Lúcia Moniz as Nesta

Lúcia Moniz

Lúcia played the part of Nesta, a dolphin trainer and marine biologist who befriends Oliver and helps him on his quest. Working with Lúcia was a joy. Her dedication and continual striving for excellence was inspiring and demanding in equal measures. And her dolphin acrobatic skills are simply phenomenal.

Miguel Damião as Manel

Miguel Damião

Previously, Miguel has mostly played serious and dramatic characters. However, when he took on the role of Manel in The Right Juice, his comic talents came to the fore. Not only on screen, but on set he made us giggle too.

Ellie Chidzey as Sally Fellows

Ellie Chidzey

Beautiful, vibrant and captivating. Ellie made the character of Oliver’s wife, Sally, come alive and made us love her and engage with her.

Beau McClellan as Andreus Dranius

Beau McClellan

Beau Played the part of Andreus Dranius, a Scottish-Greek ex-banker, and Oliver’s nemesis. World renown as a lighting designer and artist, this was Beau’s first time acting and he took to it with a vengeance. His intensity, charimsma and charm shone through on the screen. Impossible to imagine this will be the last we see of Beau in the movies!

The rest of the cast

A mix of amateur actors, professional actors and some who had never acted before. All gave wonderful performances. Could’t have asked for a better cast!

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Carl Hawker as Arkadi

Rita Rodrigues as Liliana

Corália Moreira as Dona Felicidade

Bruno Vasconcelos as Jorge

Pedro Frias as Artur

Ross Dias as the Taxi Driver

António Barbara Correia as Sr. Gato

Armando Henriques as Oliveira

Fernando Domingos as Flat Cap

Júlia Correia Lagos as Dr. Nascimento

Michael Reeve as Mr. Bixs

Pedro Pessoa as Dr. Guimarães

Jéssica Mota as Leila

Matt Harrison as Lawrence

Kevin Robinson as Punching Guy

Victorino Martins as the Priest

Idalecia Fernandes as the Cabbage Lady

João Calvário as Selenar