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KK and Dick discussing the shot

Kristjan Knigge

Director Kristjan Knigge grew up in the Algarve and even though he now lives in Amsterdam he still considers the Algarve his ‘terra’. To date he has made short films, commercials, corporates, music videos and a full length documentary. The Right Juice is the perfect opportunity to do what he loves in the place that he loves; filming in the Algarve.
Pictured here discussing a shot with Dick.

BJ and Mark at Vila Vita Parc

BJ Boulter

Producer and Production Designer. With over 40 years experience in film, from Wardrobe Mistress at the ABC in Australia, throught Art Directing in Amsterdam and now producing in Portugal, BJ is the driving force behind the project. The Right Juice is not just a whim and is a challenge to her full professional, design and organisation experience in making movies.

Pictured here with the lead actor, Mark Killeen.

David Butler-Cole

David Butler-Cole

David is the Screenwriter. His great passion is the theatre. All his life, since primary school, he he has been involved in the dramatic arts as either director or actor. He has also spent many happy hours writing, firstly pantomimes, then revues, music halls and plays – which he has successfully produced. “The Right Juice” is David’s first attempt at writing a screen play, a process which he enjoyed tremendously.

Chris Parker

Chris Parker

Our Co-Producer is Chris Parker. Chris comes from a commercial and corporate background, and The Right Juice is the opportunity to fulfill a life long goal of producing a feature film. His main motivation is the chance to work with such a great creative team and support them in the realisation of their dream – bringing The Right Juice to the big screen. His contribution to this effort is specifically focused on creating and achieving a plan which balances the creative ambitions of the team with the commercial realities of the market.

Dick Merx - Cinematographer

Dick Merx

Dick was our DP, or Director of Photography (a.k.a. Cinematographer). His job was to make sure every shot looked beautiful… and he did!

Karen in a zen-like state of contemplation

Karen Radzikowski

The most important person on any film set is the 1st AD. The ADs run the show, make sure everyone knows what they should be doing, and bolster the director when his confidence flags. Karen got us to the end of shooting through a tough schedule, with everything in the can! She was unflagging and indefatigable.

Miguel and Ellie

Miguel Palhinha

A 1st AD is only as good as their 2nd AD. On larger shoots the ADs will have a whole department, with 2nd 2nd ADs and PA’s to take on various tasks. Karen just had Miguel. He was an entire department in himself and he did an awesome job co-ordinating actors schedules, supporting Karen and helping on set.
Pictured here with Ellie Chidzey.

Pedro is sure he had a great idea for the next shot... but where did it go?

Pedro Matos

Local filmaker Pedro Matos joined the team as Camera Operator. His boundless energy and enthusiasm was a boon on tough days, and the shots look fantastic.

Jur taking an Apé break

Jur Oster

Focus Puller Jur kept the actors sharp in the frame, and everyone else entertained with his excellent sense of humour!

Pictured here on a rare break in the Apé.

Suzy hard at work, notes in hand

Suzy Turner

The Right Juice was Suzy’s first time on a film set (she is a successful author), and she took on the daunting task of Script Supervisor. Learning every day, Suzy took to the task with a great attitude and proved invaluable on set. Her work is still being used right through post-production, as the editor relies heavily on her script notes.
Suzy is currently busy shooting her own film!

Ronald is not letting the freezing Algarve weather get to him

Ronald van der Spek

They say half of a films impact is the sound. Getting good production sound rested in the capable hands of Ronald during the first half of shooting. Even though he was the key soundman for the first weeks of shooting, Ronald chose to be the Boom Operator himself, allowing his assistant, André, to mix the onset sound.

That's the sound of the sound gang, working on the film

Erik Schuring

Erik joined the team half way through production, taking over from Ronald. Thrown in at the deep end, he got into the flow of things quickly and did a great job. He inherited an assistant, André, but they quickly became a team and saw the film through to the end of shooting. Erik is also in charge of audio post production sound, as the Sound Designer.
Pictured here with André Espada. Erik’s the one without the beard!

Jeanny looking sharp in flat cap (Algarve chique)

Jean Chardet

Without wardrobe the actors would get cold and look silly. Jean was our Costume Designer. Wardrobe for The Right Juice was an interesting challenge as we needed a range of styles, from grubby overalls to fabulous evening gowns, but Jeanny met every challenge head on!

Fábio at peace with the world

Fábio Guerreiro

Fábio was our 2nd AC. Besides diligently marking the clapperboard he spent a lot of time running back and forth fetching batteries! There being no electricity at many of our locations, this often involved quite a bit of travelling!

João pondering his next move

João Calvário

Besides acting in the movie, João was the Art Director. Creative, talented, dedicated, peaceful, inspiring, gentle… João. And he’s an excellent cook, often treating us to wonderful dinners back at Oxalá after a hard days shooting!

António and Caca rigging the camera

António and Carlos Antunes

The brothers António and Carlos (known as Caca) where our grip and electric department. They are both Gaffers in their own rights, and tag teamed as Dolly Grips whenever we needed traveling shots. They where also the Rigging Grips on occasion (as pictured). Two entire departments manifest in these two brothers, bringing decades of experience to the crew. António also provided all the lighting and grip equipment through his company, Cinelight ‘n Grip.

It's a sharp left hander, down hill, through a narrow gate...

João Gaspar

João joined us on the action days as Stunt Coordinator. There are some great action sequences in the film, and João was on hand to make sure everything went safely and smoothly. Specially important considering Mark did his own stunts and amazing Ape driving!

Pictured here with Mark Killeen, figuring out an tricky Piaggio Ape maneuver.

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