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Dusty Sunrise

Opening Image

A fish out of water

Introducing the protagonist

Just dropping in

The first Meet-cute

Water is life!

Theme stated

Wife is not amused

Introducing the B-story

Carried across the threshold

Life looking good

Meeting an old friend at a party

Antagonist introduced

Training dolphins

An ally introduced

A portaloo for irrigation

A solution is found

Lots of bottles

The best solution

Last chance to save a marriage

The Midpoint

Driving to the confrontation


A tense business meeting

Upping the stakes

Charming Dolphin head

The second Meet-cute

Marital advice from a friend

Buddy Support scene

Rescued from the fire

Bad guys close in

Attacking the dam

A desperate, futile solution

Wise man divines for water

Meeting with the Mentor

Bottles are the answer!

A potential solution

A business meeting

The final hurdle

A business meeting

The final hurdle

Meeting a well driller

Another solution

Drive and chat

A plan is hatched

Betrayed by henchman

Antagonist defeated

An amicable separation

B-story resolution

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